Monday, August 19, 2019

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time. That's how you eat an elephant.

That's part of what was holding me up on this project. The huge scope of the subject in all of its interwoven beauty is just too much to be presented as it is in the courses offered by Universities. Each "bite" of it could be a nine-week course all on its own. That's where I'm going next.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I began this project about six years ago and failed to identify a clear target audience.
I still haven't done that, but I can feel the time coming soon.
There is another huge project that needs the bulk of my attention, but this one provides me with a different type of satisfaction. If you've landed here, come with me on my journey, if you like.

The first vision involved a pretty convoluted idea of an interdisciplinary class tailored to either high school enrichment programs or homeschool parents. Homeschooling is fairly common where I live. I've seen it done exceptionally well and extraordinarily poorly.

Failure to monetize led me to abandon the project. But I missed it. Terribly.

When the other, potential job-creating project was born, I had to do some web host and platform shuffling. I saw what was left of this and cried. So it's been dusted off. I even noticed that the .org extension was available, so I bought that puppy up in a hurry (to replace the former .info). It's been given to a new nameserver, and will be cared for on evenings when making money doesn't matter and nobody with skin on is around.